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Professor B, your passion for the subject matter and you compassion for the class will forever stay in my heart and mind. Thank you for sharing both!

Dr. Bermingham,
I think we should be thanking you. You have done a great job in making this subject interesting and interactive for class. I appreciate your willingness to help and support us as we are obtaining our MBA. Thanks.

Professor Bermingham,
I really appreciate the great support you provided. I can say I never had such a great experience and fun with a class. Thank you for being you and making this course a joy to learn. Thank you also for offering your support after the end of this course. I just wish you were teaching all the other MBA courses I have left to complete.

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Professor B.
Thanks for taking us through this term. Truly this was a great learning experience. I appreciate everyone of your daily thoughts, and I salute you for making this a pleasant learning experience.

Dr. B:
I want to thank you! You have been an awesome Instructor...I really enjoyed this class. This is my last semester, I look forward to writing "MBA to my name next week!" :-)

Dr. B.,
I think that you are the best professor I have had here. The others were good, but what I appreciate is that you understand the rigors of life. I will say this, I learned so much here. I would love you keep in touch with you.

All I can say about Professor B is that he was an amazing professor! He helped me a lot with assignments and even called me to walk me through a few questions that I had with regarding assignments!! Great professor!! Professor Bermingham is an excellent professor. He is very motivating and his seminars are great!!!

Professor Bermingham is an excellent professor whose seminars were always stimulating and interesting.

Professor B's strengths are his knowledge of the material, his ability to engage the students and focus their attention and participation especially in the seminars. I appreciate the encouragement he shares with all the students.

Professor B is a wonderful, unbiased leader with vast knowledge.

Professor B did an awesome job. He was very encouraging, even when I wanted to give up.

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