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Long Live Hope Logo

Welcome to Long Live Hope!
Professor John A. Bermingham Jr. J.D.

I started this website as a forum for sharing stories of truth, education, and justice; a place for all of us to learn from the strengths and thoughts of others. I include stories of truth because they are inspirational and sometimes the truth is the hardest thing to face. Educational stories appear for sharing lessons learned and informing each other of sensitive, critical topics that need to be addressed. And stories of justice are introduced for those who are denied justice or deserve justice. Every story inside this website is unique as it shows faith, purpose, and perseverance.

Anyone can make a difference; however, there are those who do make a difference and others who may lack the hope and belief that they can do it. As you explore this forum, look at the individuals who have reached inside themselves and had the determination to make a difference. This website is not only for my colleagues to share their stories of truth, education and justice, but for you as a friend to share a story that "Keeps Hope Alive!"

Long Live Hope is based on the concept of a favorite rock song of mine, written by Pete Townshend, titled, “Long Live Rock”. The chorus of the song goes, “Long live rock, I need it every night, long live rock, come on and join the line, long live rock, be it dead or alive.” It signifies what drives a person and what keeps that individual motivated and going from day-to-day. I have brought the Long Live Rock concept to Long Live Hope, with the mantra “I hope, I believe, I succeed!”

It is hope that pushes us, that makes us want to achieve, and that makes us strive to be better people. If we hope something to come true, we have everything in our power to believe we can make it come true and succeed. If we hope to reach a goal someday, then we need to believe in ourselves, we need to have confidence, and we need to take the action that leads to success. Hope and belief lay the foundation of the want to achieve. If one does not hope for something to be, it may never be. Long Live Hope, be it dead or alive.

Welcome to my website, feel free to post a comment or share your story. Long Live Hope, come on and join the line!

HOPE: "The only thing that stands between a person and what that person wants from life is often merely the will to try it and the faith to believe that it is possible." -- Richard M DeVos

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John Bermingham's Thought of the Day

“Life, for all its agonies…is exciting and beautiful, amusing and artful and endearing…and whatever is to come after it- we shall not have this life again.”

Rose Macaulay


John interviewed on a live radio broadcast telling his story and offering advice to listeners.

Show Details:
Radio Show: December 4th at 1:30PM
"Stories of Hope… How to Triumph Over Tragedy"
Awaken Talk Radio